Voorbereid op reis naar South Sudan

Een goede voorbereiding is het halve werk, Wat kun je doen om een fijne ervaring op te doen?

Working visits to South Sudan are always a great thing to do. Nature, the climate, the people, it gives me a lot of energy. Of course, good preparation is important. Here are some tips that I will give you, based on my experiences:

  • make sure you have a good host, preferably arranged through church leaders or local NGOs
  • don’t take too much luggage with you; you always have to carry it around
  • make sure you have the right vaccinations and medicines
  • Follow the advice of the GGD, but think carefully yourself. If your mosquito net makes you too hot and you can’t sleep, just throw it aside. Too little sleep is worse than a risk of contracting malaria
  • make sure you have plenty of extra batteries, SD sticks and power banks
  • buy a hotspot router with WiFi locally so that you are not dependent on others
  • surrender to what happens, be surprised and enjoy what you experience
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